One of the biggest issues today that people want to debate is global climate change. Despite the fact that over 97% of climate researchers say most climate change is caused by humans, people still bring up the same tired arguments against climate change. People say that it is not supported by any evidence, but the evidence on recent climate patterns overwhelmingly supports the stance that global warming exists and is a serious problem. Every scientific body, national and international, agrees that climate change is real. Satellites show receding sea ice in Antarctica and the Arctic, temperature data shows significant increases in average temperature, land ice is down significantly, and the amount of carbon in our atmosphere has increased dramatically. Some places have showed a general cooling trend over recent years, but the overall trend in temperatures has been a warming one.

A common point against taking action on climate change is that it would cost too much, but transitioning to a low carbon economy has been estimated to save as much as 50 trillion dollars and cost about the same as carrying on as we currently are. Every argument against climate change can be countered easily and logically with concrete data or computer models. Though many myths are present about climate change, the facts can easily be found and show that climate change is a thing and something needs to be done about it.

The biggest problem with the argument to do nothing about climate change is that it is simply not logical. Even if it is caused by some mysterious natural forces, climate change is a real problem. Species have gone extinct and civilizations fallen due to changes in climate, so any action we take regarding climate change may save us. There are no negative impacts of recycling materials instead of adding to landfills, taking public transit instead of a car, or enacting measures to cut back on pollution in the industry except some lost profits in certain cases, but those are preferable to messing up the earth even more than we already have. Basically, if climate change is all a hoax or just a part of the earth’s natural cycles, we will only have benefited from policies intended to curtail the negative impacts of climate change. Inaction can either severely hurt or be neutral, while taking action would either result in the slowing down or even reversal of climate change, or it it’s all natural, we will have a cleaner, more sustainable earth.


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