As one of the most prevalent and divisive issues in the country, gun control is bound to show up in every election and after every major shooting and about six hundred times in between. Proponents cite numbers on gun-relate crimes in America and the outcomes of gun control laws in other countries, while opponents reference the second amendment, the dangers of government tyranny, and the feeling of safety they get from owning a gun.

While I do not think that private individuals should not be allowed to own guns, I do think that it should be harder to do so and that people who want to own guns, obtain a conceal carry permit, etc. need more education and training before doing so. Background checks are already in place in most situations, but it seems like in nearly every mass shooting you hear about in the news, the perpetrator shouldn’t have been able to get a gun in in the first place. People say that background checks are an invasion of privacy, but sometimes privacy must be sacrificed for the sake of security, and this is one of those cases. Having the government know basic information about you is definitely worth making sure guns are not bought by people who have committed certain crimes, have a history of some mental illnesses, or are too dangerous to themselves and others to have a gun for some other reason. It is way too easy to buy guns legally in America, and almost as easy to obtain the permits to carry them, whether openly or concealed. Tennessee’s handgun carry permit requires you to go through a class, a written test, and a practical test, but all are far too easy considering that they give a person the right to carry a concealed handgun on their person. I personally know someone who got their permit recently, and they said that the instructors practically gave the class the answers to the test (which was ridiculously easy anyway) and the target practice test could be redone an essentially unlimited number of times. Because of America’s problems with gun violence and other crimes, I think more should be done to regulate the sale of guns and the issuing of carry permits.


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