Vaccines should be mandatory for everyone except those who have a medical reason to not be vaccinated. This is nor a government conspiracy to fill your children with chemicals and control them, your child is already made up entirely of chemicals. In fact, literally everything is! It’s almost like atoms are the basic building blocks of our universe and everything it it or something. Not vaccinating children at the recommended times has hugely negative impacts on those who are not able to get vaccines and rely on herd immunity to not die of polio or measles or whatever. People who are unable to be vaccinated because they are infants, immunocompromised as a result of various diseases and cancer treatments, or allergic to the vaccine itself have a legitimate excuse for not being vaccinated and someone refusing to vaccinate their child because it’s “not natural” or some other ill-thought-out reason is putting them in danger. Speaking of bad reasons for not getting your kids vaccinated, autism does not cause vaccines. There is no evidence to support the claim that it does other than one study that was retracted and resulted in the researcher losing his license because it was faked. The causes of autism are not entirely known, but it is definitely something in someone’s DNA, not something you can catch. Even if there were a small chance your child could get autism from a vaccine, at least they only have a mild mental disorder instead of a fatal case of measles or polio. Another reason people cite for not vaccinating children is that the diseases are eradicated, so there is no point. This is also incredibly false and ridiculously ignorant.  Many diseases, such as measles, have made small, periodic comebacks over the years and put many lives at risk. Even if you have the strongest immune system ever, you can be a carrier for a disease and put the life of someone who cannot get vaccinated at risk.


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