Most people have some amount of love for at least one kind of animal, whether it be dogs, cats, horses, lizards, or your favorite football team’s mascot, and many, like me, love all animals. As someone who is a huge fan of animals in general (I go home to see my dogs, not my family, I have so many snapchats of other people’s pets saved on my phone, and sub-par zoos and tourist attractions with animals make me really sad), I am also a big fan of protecting animals, as they have no voice themselves. I think it’s important to treat animals well and not purposefully abuse pets, mess with turtles’ shells, or feed bears people food. That being said, I am not against all forms of animal testing.

Products tested using animal testing can be divided into roughly two categories –  drug and cosmetic. Testing drugs on animals is very detrimental to the animal in some cases, but necessary to the development of safe drugs for people. Using people in early trials of medicines would be very bad. I like animals a lot, but would not place a rat’s life above a human’s when it come to developing medicines. Testing cosmetics on animals, however, I believe to be cruel and unnecessary. At this point, we have a pretty good idea what can and cannot kill you simply by being put on your skin, so I think that alternatives to animal testing should be used for the manufacturing of cosmetics. Many companies already do not test their products on animals, eliminating the argument that there is no alternative. I enjoy many forms of cosmetic products as much as the next person, but another reason I do not support them bring tested on animals is their lack of necessity. Eyeliner is a lot of fun, but not essential to life in the same way that a drug that cures diseases or symptoms is, and a rat living its life in a lab and then dying to obtain a cure for aids is a lot more forgivable to me than the same situation but with a batch of shampoo gone bad. Basically, I think that animal testing should be used depending on necessity – both of the product and of the testing itself – and that when unavoidable, should be done in the most humane way possible.


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